Comprehensive Planning

Comprehensive Planning works with residents to develop a vision for the community and charts the course to make this vision a reality. Planners work on issues including:

  • Enhancing the vitality and safety of neighborhoods
  • Expanding economic development potential
  • Improving design throughout the community
  • Protecting the environment
  • Coordinating with our regional partners


Community Forum

TreesJoin us at 6 p.m. April 23 in Room 2A at City Hall as we introduce the Gresham Butte Scenic View project, which seeks to protect and conserve the scenic views of the Butte.



Comments Needed

Flowering TreeBe sure to read and share your comments on the Preferred Approach and Recommended Tree List for the Tree Code Improvement project, which will update and improve the rules for trees in Gresham.

Rockwood Pattern Book

Rockwood Pattern BookThis Pattern Book is a companion tool to the Rockwood Design Standards that will assist property owners and developers in the design of beautiful buildings of enduring quality and design.