Gresham Butte

The boundary of Gresham Butte Neighborhood is as follows: The Northwestern point where Eastman Parkway and the Springwater Trail (Old Portland Traction Line) intersects with Towle Road, to include an enclave encompassing the area bounded by SW 10th Court to the South; including Willowbrook and all cul-de-sacs west from Willowbrook, to SW 20th Court to the South; continuing south on Towle Road beyond Butler Road and extending to the southernmost Gresham City boundary. Following the Gresham City boundary in a clockwise manner (east) to the intersection which is intersected by the Springwater Trail in the Northeastern portion of the City; then following the Springwater Trail back to the point of origin.


Monthly meetings (September through May), every second Wednesday, 7 p.m. at Gresham City Hall.

Jim Buck, President

Sandy Davidson, Vice President

Lynn Saint, Secretary

Theresa Tschirky, Treasurer

Tracy Slack, Land Use Chair