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Neighborhood associations are a great way to get to know your neighbors while working to improve community.

  • Gresham's 16 associations are organized and governed by residents.
  • All residents, businesses, and property owners in Gresham are considered members of their neighborhood association.
  • For a neighborhood to be eligible for City resources a neighborhood association must be formally recognized by the City Council.

Association activities include:

  • Community events
  • Crime prevention activities
  • Neighborhood improvement projects
  • Researching development issues
  • Volunteer projects and opportunities


Eligibility Criteria

Associations must:

  • Allow all residents and property owners within the defined geographic boundary to participate
  • Develop bylaws that govern the association
  • Neighborhood Association Suggested Bylaws Template
  • Elect a full board of officers
  • Hold at least two meetings per year


Association Resources

  • Meeting space in City Hall
  • Neighborhood association resource area in City Hall
  • City Publications
  • Technical assistance
  • Two membership mailings per year