Fire Corps

Gresham Fire Corps promotes the use of citizen volunteers to enhance the capacity of the Fire Department. There are many necessary tasks that can be performed by volunteers in the fire service every day. Volunteers who participate in Fire Corps carry out non-operational activities that allow first responders to focus their efforts on the most critical, life-threatening situations. 

Citizens can assist Gresham’s Fire and Emergency Services Department in a range of activities including station support, community outreach and incident rehabilitation.

Station Support Teams

  • Courier mail between Gresham City Hall and the City's fire stations
  • Provide station support during large scale emergencies

Community Outreach Team

  • Assist with staffing community events
  • Assist in organizing citizen training events
  • Promote fire safety and emergency preparedness

Incident Rehab Team

Provide rehab services to firefighters on prolonged incidents through the mobilization of the rehab vehicle.

  • Hydration
  • Nourishment
  • Place to rest
  • Replenish air tanks

For additional information about Fire Corps contact Kelle Landavazo at 503-618-2567 or