About Mediation     

How Does Mediation Work?Medation Meeting

Many people come to mediation as a last resort, feeling frustrated by the situation. Fortunately an outside mediator brings a new perspective, and new possibilities are opened up even with the most challenging conflicts.

Once you contact East Metro Mediation a trained mediator will ask you about your situation, your concerns, and about others who might be involved. As an impartial, neutral party, the mediator will help you understand your interests and your options. You may want to work on the resolution yourself, or with your permission you may want the mediator to contact the other party involved to understand their concerns about the situation. Often both people want a facilitated session where they meet to discuss the situation. All information shared during mediation is confidential.

Advantages to Mediation

Mediation is available at no cost to the parties within East Metro Mediation’s service area.

Fair and Neutral
Parties have an equal say in the process and decide settlement terms, not the mediator. There is no determination of guilt or innocence in the process.

Saves Time and Money
In many instances mediation is completed in one meeting. Using East Metro Mediation can save parties money by avoiding costly and sometimes lengthy litigation.

All parties sign a confidentiality agreement. Information disclosed during mediation will not be disclosed to people outside your mediation or the program. 

Improves Communication and Fosters Cooperation
Mediation provides a neutral and confidential setting where parties can openly discuss their views on the underlying dispute. Many times the enhanced communication can lead to mutually satisfactory resolutions.

Design your own Solution
A neutral third party assists the parties in reaching a voluntary, mutually beneficial resolution. Mediation can resolve many if not all issues important to the parties.

Everyone Wins
When both parties participate East Metro Mediation, over 90% of the cases are resolved, and 98% of respondents to East Metro Mediation’s follow-up survey have expressed satisfaction.  Listen to mediator Karen talk about the success of mediation.

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