Urban Forestry Subcommittee

The Urban Forestry Subcommittee is the advising subcommittee to the Natural Resources and Sustainability Committee and staff on Urban Forestry issues and activities related to:

The Urban Forestry Subcommittee meets the 3rd Monday of the month from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m. at City Hall.

The seven member subcommittee is appointed by the City Council and usually has expertise associated with trees such as forestry, landscaping, arborists, nursery operators or extensive knowledge gained through experience.

Basic tree information on Trees in Gresham 

Staff Liaison

Tina Osterink, 503-618-2392 or Tina.Osterink@GreshamOregon.gov 

Meeting Date Agenda Agenda Attachments Minutes Media File
5/16/2016 Agenda Gradin Community Sports Park Arboretum Aerial
Arboretum Tree Species Evaluation
4/18/2016 Agenda Draft Ambleside Report
Draft Ambleside Proposed Tree Locations
Draft Minutes
3/21/2016 Agenda Gradin Arboretum Site Plan
2/22/2016 Agenda Significant Tree Rules
1/11/2016 Agenda Tree Removal in HCA
Tree Topping Graphic
Significant Tree Form
Ambleside Report
11/16/2015 Agenda Tree Code Rack Cards
Tree Removal Flowchart
9/21/2015 Agenda 2015 Significant Tree Inventory
7/27/2015 Agenda Gradin Site Visit 2015
De-list Consent
Kane Dr Sycamore