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Neighborhood Connections features helpful news you can use about City programs, projects and events around the community. It is chock full of information to keep you connected each month with what’s happening at City Hall and in Gresham.

Neighborhood Connections is sent directly to your e-mail box and can also be viewed on a Smart Phone or shared with friends and neighbors with its “Send to a Friend” feature.

Other Electronic Newsletters

Visit our e-newsletter sign-up page for the City's other electronic newsletters, including:

  • Economic Development: economic development news and events
  • GREAT eNews: recycling and sustainability news
  • Mediation: events and tips for communication and problem-solving


Gresham's Print Publications

  • GRESHAM provides information about issues, interesting meetings, and fun events that are happening in Gresham. This newsletter is mailed once a quarter to all households in the city.
  • News to Reuse is inserted in the fall and spring issues of GRESHAM. News to Reuse provides information on how to reduce and recycle.
  •  GREAT News provides businesses with information on reducing and recycling, but also gives information on best practices for water conservation and stormwater and wastewater pollution prevention. It also promotes businesses that have been certified as GREAT Businesses. GREAT News is distributed by bulk mail to all businesses in Gresham, excluding home-occupation businesses. It is mailed in winter and summer.
  • Neighborhood News is an annual insert published as part of GRESHAM.