Fire Documents and Forms

Annual Fire Alarm Service Report
Fire detection and alarm systems annual test and maintenance form

Annual Fire Sprinkler Service Report
Fire sprinkler systems annual test and maintenance form

Annual Test of Private Hydrants
Check sheet for annual testing of private fire hydrants, one sheet per hydrant

Apartment Barbecue Information
Fire code information for barbecues at apartment complexes

Building Identification and Addressing Guide
Requirements for commercial and residential building identification

Check Sheet for Test of Emergency Lighting Systems
Check sheet for annual inspection and testing of emergency lighting systems

Check Sheet for Test of Fire Suppression Systems
Check sheet for testing of kitchen hoods and paint booths

Exit Door Information
Exit door hardware and information handout

Fire Alarm Plan Submittal Guide
Minimum requirements for fire alarm installation plans

Fire Code Applications Guide
This guide is intended to provide assistance in the application of the fire code in regard to fire apparatus access, firefighting water supplies, fire hydrants, key boxes, fire watch, and emergency responder radio coverage.

Fire Drill Report for Schools
Annual fire drill report form for schools

Fire Hydrant Storz Adapter Requirements
Fire hydrant Storz adapter requirements and information

Fire Performances
Policy on the use of live fire during performances

Fire Prevention Planning Guide for Special Events
Fire safety requirements for special events such as fairs, trade shows, carnivals and common venue events

Fire Sprinkler Plan Submittal Guide
Minimum requirements for fire sprinkler installation plans

Fire Watch
Fire watch form for tracking fire safety when systems are out of service

Floating Lantern Guidelines
This guide prohibits the use of sky lanterns, floating lanterns, floating luminaires, and wish lanterns.

Food and Beverage Cart Brochure
Overview of applicable rules, processes and fees for food and beverage carts

Freeze Protection Guidelines
Fire sprinkler piping must be protected against freezing when installed in areas subject to freezing.

Gates Policy
Gates are allowed across accessways when, according to the Fire Marshal, they do not create an unreasonable impact on fire and life safety.

Haunted House Guidelines
Fire prevention guidelines for the operation of a haunted house and similar temporary installations

Hazardous Materials General Form
Hazardous materials inventory statement and form

High Piled Storage Racking Guidelines
Fire sprinkler and storage racking guidelines for high piled combustible storage

Lockbox Order Form
Form for ordering a rapid entry lockbox

New Business Fire Code Requirements
Common fire safety requirements in the Oregon Fire Code applicable to tenant infill projects

No Parking Fire Lane
Fire lane sign and curb requirements

Information and permit application materials

Plan Review Submittal Guide
Minimum requirements for construction documents to be submitted for plan review

Public Records Request
Research request form for records of fire incidents, medical responses, and commercial occupancy fire and life safety inspections

Underground Fire Supply Guide
Plan review requirements for private fire service mains