Well Field Protection Program 

AquiferA Drop of Prevention is Worth a Gallon of Cure

Hazardous materials that seep into the ground can contaminate Gresham’s drinking water. You can help protect Gresham’s groundwater by:

  • Purchasing non-toxic or low-toxicity products
  • Safely containing toxic products
  • Training employees on the safe use, transportation, storage and clean-up of toxic products
  • Stocking supplies for cleaning up spills
  • Safely disposing of toxic products

There are two groundwater protected areas in Gresham: the Columbia South Shore Protection Area and Cascade Protection Area.

See a map of Gresham’s groundwater protection areas

Information for Businesses

Regulated businesses are required to:

  • Submit an annual site plan and hazardous materials inventory report
  • Participate in site inspections
  • Maintain adequate containment areas for hazardous materials
  • Maintain spill kits, procedures and signage
  • Provide spill response training program for employees. The City provides a free workshop each year, and can provide free, on-site employee training to meet this requirement. 

Businesses in well field protection areas that use or store hazardous materials at or above the thresholds listed below must meet the program requirements identified in the program’s reference manuals.

Well Field Protection Hazardous Materials Thresholds

Halogenated Solvents 10 gallons or 100 pounds

Hazardous Wastes

(used oils, manufacturing residues, etc.)

30 gallons or 220 pounds

Hazardous Substances

(solvents, propane, methane, etc.)

50 gallons or 400 pounds
Fuel 50 gallons or 400 pounds


Annual Report Form  

Cascade Protection Program Reference Manual 

Columbia South Shore Protection Program Reference Manual 

Well Field Protection Program Employee Training 

The City also provides free, on-site assistance in the management of toxic products, including toxic product reduction, product containment, cleaning protocols and materials for in-house training.

More Information

For more information, or to request hard copies of any of the documents on this page, contact Clay Walker at 503-618-2487 or Clay.Walker@GreshamOregon.gov.