Build a Rain GardenBuilding a rain garden at Covenant Presbyterian Church

A rain garden is landscaping that absorbs water from your roof or driveway.

Homeowners are catching on to rain gardens, a shallow depression in a yard that collects rainwater and sports a variety of flowers, shrubs and grasses.

Rain Garden Homeowner Showcase 

Rain Garden Map 

Is Your Property Right for a Rain Garden?

Not every property is suitable for a downspout disconnection or a rain garden. To find out if your property is in an area with soil that is likely to drain well enough visit our Gresham View map.

  2. Click on: “show map layers” then select Downspout Disconnection/Rain Garden Area, then select “hide map layers.”
  3. Enter your address into the search box at the top of the map.
  4. If your house is highlighted in purple, you are in an area where it may be safe to disconnection your downspouts and build a rain garden.  Soil drainage tests must be conducted to confirm.  See our guidelines

Getting Started


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