Healthy Streams Program

Identify Toxic Yard and Garden Products

Visit Metro's Grow Smart, Grow Safe searchable directory of lawn care and gardening products. You can search by problem (for example, weed or moss) and the directory will provide a list of least toxic to most toxic by brand name and active ingredient.   

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Backyard Habitat 

Invasive Plant Guide
Tips for removing invasive plants common in Gresham and our recommendations for what to replace them with.

Lawn Care
Tips to keep your lawn healthy and beautiful, naturally. 

Native Plant Guide
Planting native plants at home reduces the demand for watering, fertilizer, pesticides and herbicides.

Native Plant Suppliers
Retail and wholesale nurseries in Oregon. 

Natural Gardening Product Guide
This one-page guide can help you select non-toxic products in the garden aisle.  

Low maintenance gardening at home using drought-resistant, native plants, trees and shrubs.

Rain Gardening and Downspout Disconnection
A rain garden is a planted depression designed to absorb rainwater runoff from urban areas like roofs, driveways, walkways and compacted lawn areas. See a showcase of rain gardens in Gresham.

Take thepledge to not use weed and feed.