Rain Garden Showcase: Depew Residence

Depew residence rain gardenRoof area captured: 500 square feet
Size of garden: 50 square feet
Total plants: 75
Built in: 2009
Plants and materials: $220

Rain Garden Design

Jody incorporated an existing bird bath, polished glass stones and solar-powered garden lamps into her garden design. In keeping with her purple and yellow color theme, she incorporated native Lupine, irises, and Asters and ornamental lavender and daffodils.

Rain Garden Experience

“I love my rain garden because it puts the rain water from my roof into the ground, keeping it out of the storm water system which eventually ends up over-flowing into Johnson Creek. It is fairly easy to maintain and it is a fabulous yard feature and a great conversation starter for the many people walking by.

"The native plants provide food and shelter for the many birds we have in the area. We "customized" the plants in my rain garden to coincide with my other front yard plants, in keeping with the purple theme.”

– Jody