Backyard Habitat Certification ProgramMelanie McCandless, right, talks birdbaths with a homeowner.

Your yard can provide valuable habitat to birds, butterflies, bees, amphibians, reptiles, mammals and more. Attract these creatures to your yard by gardening for wildlife. Certify your yard habitat-friendly through the National Wildlife Federation with the help of Watershed staff.

Your Yard as Habitat

To attract wildlife to your yard, you need to meet their basic needs in these categories: Food, Water, Shelter, and Places to Raise Young. 

Pacific Tree FrogExamples:


How to Get Certified

1. Set up a free home consultation by contacting Laura Guderyahn at 503-618-2246 or

2. During the consultation, decide which actions are most appropriate for your property. Minimum requirements: 

  • Three sources of food
  • One source of water
  • Two sources of cover
  • Two places to raise young
  • Two sustainable gardening and stormwater management measure

3. Implement the actions and schedule a follow-up visit. 

4. Certify through the National Wildlife Federation.


For more detailed information see our Backyard Certification Brochure (8-1/2x14 legal size).