Street Sweeping Program

Gresham Street SweeperTransportation provides monthly sweeping of all City streets, March through December.

If weather conditions or a holiday prevent sweeping a street as scheduled, it will be swept at the end of that month. If there is no time left, it will be done on its next turn.

Help Us Keep Streets Clear

Keeping the following things off the street when your section is due to be swept is critical to allow street sweepers to do a thorough job:

  • Garbage cans
  • Recycle carts
  • Cars
  • Boats
  • Campers
  • Basketball hoops

Streets and Leaves Don't Mix

Do not blow or place piles of leaves or yard debris in the street as this is a violation of city code. The City sweeps leaves that naturally fall or blow into the streets from nearby trees.

Questions about disposing extra leaves, grass and yard debris should be directed to the Recycling and Solid Waste Division.

For more information about the Street Sweeping Program call the City's Operations Center at 503-618-2626.