Gresham's New Multi-Use Path

Multi-use path infographicThe City is creating a major new amenity – a 2-mile long, 12-foot wide pedestrian and bike path running along the MAX light rail line from the Ruby Junction station in Rockwood to the Cleveland Station near downtown. 

The path will, for the first time, allow residents to walk, bike or run from downtown Gresham to the Civic Neighborhood and on to Rockwood.

Construction started in January 2015 and will be complete in fall 2015.

Connecting commercial centers, trails and parks

The path will reconnect downtown, Civic and Rockwood – Gresham’s long-time commercial centers – and is a key component of the City's strategy to attract new businesses, expand existing businesses, and promote entrepreneurship and small business growth.

 Multi-use path infographic.

Multi-use path construction is underway at the City Hall MAX station past Gresham Station shopping center toward Rockwood.The path will serve as a safe, off-street route for students, commuters, shoppers and fitness fans of all kinds. It will provide better access to local parks, public transit, schools and businesses. And it will connect the Gresham-Fairview and Springwater trails – making it a major link in the region's trail system.

  • The project has been planned for over a decade, with significant input from residents and the Gresham Police Department, which provided advice on safety design. The City's Public Safety Committee, as well as TriMet, Metro and the Oregon Department of Transportation, also assisted in the design and planning.
  • The total project cost is $3.4 million – with Metro and the Oregon Department of Transportation assuming $2.7 million. The City is paying the rest in the form of matching grant funds.

See detailed map of the trail location.


For more information contact Dave Daly, Civil Engineer, 503-618-2284 or