Garbage Collection

Place garbage containers 3 feet apart so automated hands can grab them easilyStandard curbside service includes weekly collection of garbage, recyclables and yard debris.

  • Use GoCart to set up a weekly garbage day notification and look up those hard-to-recycle items using what goes where.
  • A designated hauler provides garbage service.
  • Garbage haulers offer a range of services, including large item hauling for a fee and clean-up containers and drop boxes.
  • Rates vary by the size of the garbage can or cart.
  • Citizens can reduce rates by decreasing waste and maximizing recycling.

Haulers and Rates: Contact your hauler to start service. 

Garbage Collection Tips

  • Haulers provide residents with 20, 35, 60 or 90-gallon wheeled carts. Extra garbage may be set out in a standard 32 gallon garbage can with lid or in sealed garbage bags. Extra charges may apply.
  • Place garbage, yard debris and recyclables at the curb by 6 a.m. on collection day and remove from curb within 24 hours of pick up service.

Set out garbage containers 3 feet apartHow to Set Out Cans, Carts and Bins

  • Place within 3 feet of the curb with a space of 3 feet between cans, roll carts and glass bin.
  • Place garbage containers 10 feet from mailboxes, basketball hoops, trees and cars where possible.
  • Containers with lid hinges should be set out facing the street.

Large Item Options

  • For donations; call the Metro Recycling Hotline for options, 503-234-3000.
  • Haulers usually can take large items for an extra fee.
  • Call the hauler in advance for collection arrangements and cost.

Clean-up Containers and Drop Boxes

Haulers can provide one-time service for large jobs with 2 cubic yard to 4 cubic yard containers; or for very large jobs, a 10-yard to 40-cubic yard drop box. Contact your hauler to arrange service and fee information.