Native Invasive Swap Program

Residents are invited to participate in a free invasive/native plant swap service.

How It Works

You, the homeowner, remove one targeted invasive species from your backyard providing proof of removal (before and after photo). We'll then provide you with a free native plant to replace it.

Invasive Species Are:

  • non-native plants that cause economic and/or environmental harm
  • crowd out native plants
  • reduce biodiversity
  • decrease habitat value
  • cause stream bank instability and failures
  • require large expenditures of time/money to remove

Targeted Invasive Species Include:

  • Butterfly bush
  • American pokeweed
  • Yellow archangel
  • Yellow flag iris
  • Spurge laurel


Invasive Species


Potential Replacement


   Butterfly bush 

   Red flowering currant 

Butterfly bush 

 Red flowering currant 



   Yellow flag iris 


   Oregon iris 

Yellow flag iris 

Oregon Iris 


For more information or to be one of the few participants in this free program, contact or 503-618-2246.

Interested in Weeds?

We're looking for volunteers to join our Weed Watchers program.