Industrial Competitiveness

The City maintains positive relationships with Gresham's industrial companies and receives positive feedback from companies working through the City's development process. However, in order to be in the best possible position to attract and retain quality traded sector companies, we are conducting a thorough look at the City's industrial policies and processes.

Project Description

Our purpose is to make Gresham the most competitive location in the Metro region and beyond for industrial development. 

The review will include:

  • Comparisons of permits costs, system development charges, and utility rates
  • Comparison of permit processing and timing
  • Consideration of relevant development code modifications
  • Input on all of the above from external stakeholders and industry professionals

Project Timeline

RFP seeking firm to provide comparative analysis  Completed
Proposals due from prospective firms         Completed
Consulting firm conducts comparison of competitor jurisdictions          Completed
Receive deliverables from consulting firm  Completed
City Council review of comparison results 


City Council consideration of project recommendations    TBA



For more information please contact Economic Development, 503-618-2640.