Autumn at City Hall

Did You Know? Gresham’s latitude and longitude is 45° 29' 53" N / 122° 25' 49" W.

2015 Council Work Plan

Council Work Plan 2015 CoverThe Gresham City Council/Gresham Redevelopment Commission Work Plan outlines the portfolio of projects that the City’s elected officials wish to undertake during the year on behalf of the City’s residents.

See the 2015 Work Plan.

RKm Development Selected for Rockwood Project

Rockwood Catalyst Site Aerial View On Nov. 17, the Gresham Redevelopment Commission (GRDC) directed the Executive Director to begin negotiations with RkM Development. Plans for the project center on a 5.5-acre GRDC-owned property in the heart of Rockwood that local leaders seek to turn into a mixed-use hub of local food and commerce, living-wage jobs, technological innovation and community-building.

Rockwood Rising information 

Wireless Facility UpdateCell Phone Tower

The City is adopting updates to the Gresham Revised Code regarding the placement of wireless communication facilities in the public right-of-way.

Read the proposed code changes.