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Any person who conducts business in Gresham or owns a business based in the city must acquire a business license on or before the business begins. Conducting business in Gresham without a license can result in penalties, violation notices, citations and court action.

Types of Business Licenses

  • Commercial Business*
    Conducted in a building or office, whether owned, rented or leased
  • Outside Gresham
    For businesses located outside of Gresham, but conducting business in Gresham
  • Home-Based Business*
    Operated in a residential home or apartment
  • Independent Contractor
    Works for a business but not as an employee. The business does not pay unemployment, disability or workers' compensation insurance or withhold taxes from pay.
  • Regional Contractor Business License
    Contractors or landscapers can buy a single license through Metro to construct, alter and repair requirements in 20 cities in the Portland metropolitan area.
  • Second Hand or Precious Metal and Gem Dealer
    Sellers of used and/or second-hand regulated property, or buyers and sellers of real and imitation metals and gemstones, such as gold, silver, platinum, diamonds and rubies.
  • Seasonal Business
    Temporary enterprises, such as a fireworks stand or Christmas tree lot
  • Payday Lenders
    In addition to a City of Gresham business license, all payday lender locations in Gresham must have a payday lender permit from the City of Portland, which administers the payday lender program pursuant to an intergovernmental agreement with Gresham. 
  • Rental Housing
    Required for all residential rental properties including rental homes, duplexes, mobile homes, apartments, condominiums or rooms in a lodging house
  • Mobile Home Park
    Landowners with mobile homes on site that they don't own themselves

*A non-profit organization will need to submit a commercial or home-based business license application, depending on business location. A 501(c)(3) document must be provided to the City to be considered a non-profit.

Further information on Business Licenses can be found in the Gresham Revised Code under Chapter 9 Business Licenses and Regulation 

Other Licensing Forms

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Licensing Fees 

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