Outdoor Burning

Gresham Burn Line: 503-618-3083

Outdoor Burning

All outdoor burning is subject to regulations governed by the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) and the City of Gresham. Learn before you burn.

While backyard burning of yard debris is allowed on certain days during the Fall and Spring, it negatively impacts local air quality and can be harmful to sensitive populations, such as children, the elderly, or those with asthma. Therefore, backyard burning is only recommended for those without the ability to dispose of yard debris in any other way.

The City has a curbside collection program that offers weekly pickup of leaves and branches of four inches or less in diameter. Other disposal options include hiring a landscape maintenance company for disposal, or hauling yard debris yourself to a local green waste facility. To find a facility near you, visit Metro’s Find a Recycler page.

Violation of safe burning regulations or air quality regulations may be subject to citation and/or fines from the City and DEQ. Property owners may be held liable for costs relating to firefighting or damage to neighboring property or structures because of unsafe burning practices.

For daily information on all types of outdoor burning, call the Gresham Burn Line at 503-618-3083.



Backyard Burning

Backyard Fire PitLearn more about what you can and can't burn in your backyard, including information on yard debris, fire pits and barbecues.

More about backyard burning 


Agricultural Burning

Agricultural BurnTo qualify for an agricultural burn permit you must:

  • Have a working farm or business on at least five acres
  • Derive 51% or more of your annual income from this property

If you do not meet these requirements, you can burn during backyard burn days or apply for an open burn permit.


Open Burning

Open BurningOpen burning is allowed by permit only. Open burning permits are available to anyone having special demonstrated needs and are unable to recycle because of the size of property to be maintained or other conditions.

Visit the Fire permits page for more information and permit application materials.