Building InspectorBuilding Safety Month

May is Building Safety Month. The City, in conjunction with the International Code Council, is celebrating a 33-year legacy of leadership in building safety by offering our residents a month's worth of tips for living more safely and comfortably.

View our model home display, which offers a peek inside the walls and under the floorboards of a typical home to see hidden piping, electrical and other systems, and learn more about when and why building codes and inspections are required for safety.

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Model HomeWeek 4: Energy and Building Green

Renewable Materials

Choose design materials composed of renewable resources that are non-toxic, recyclable and if possible biodegradable too.

Paints and Finishes

Use zero-voc (volatile organic compounds) paints and finishes instead of traditional products that release toxins into the air and can pollute groundwater.


Energy and Green BuildingEvery appliance has two price tags: the purchase price and the operating cost. Consider both when buying a new appliance.

Water Heater

Insulate your water heater to save energy and money. Consider an on demand water heater to save even more.

Solar Energy

Passive solar heating and cooling designs can be both environmentally friendly and cost effective too.

Landscape Water Conservation

Landscape with water conservation in mind using stone, wood and low water plants.

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