Building Safety Month

May is Building Safety Month. The City, in conjunction with the International Code Council, is celebrating a 36-year legacy of leadership in building safety by offering our residents a month's worth of tips for living more safely and comfortably.

View our model home display, which offers a peek inside the walls and under the floorboards of a typical home to see hidden piping, electrical and other systems, and learn more about when and why building codes and inspections are required for safety.

Building Solutions for All Ages 

Baby Boomer Generation 

With data showing nearly 76.4 million baby boomers, many of whom are nearing retirement years, this generation is sparking the need for consideration of design and building practices to create safe environments for this aging population.  

This applies to more than just their residences but private, commercial and public spaces. 

  • Hospitality – restaurants, hotels and motels will need to be accessible 
  • Workplace – offices, retail stores and other work spaces will need to provide adequate lighting, seating, technology, task areas and quiet places for older workers 
  • Healthcare – increased need for outpatient and in-home care, accommodation for caretakers and caregivers 
  • Retail – stores will need to be accessible and accommodate individuals using assistive devices 
  • Multihousing/multiuse – growing demand for livable communities and urban complexes with easy access to health care, entertainment, shopping, etc 

Additional resources are listed below to assist with both small and large modifications you can make to increase the safety and livability of your home. 



The construction industry is uniquely positioned to meet the needs of aging-in-place clients, provided they understand the design solutions and products that make living in a home and community easier for the aging population.  

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