Urban Renewal

  • The Gresham Redevelopment Commission administers the Rockwood-West Gresham Renewal Plan, a twenty year plan for improving the economy and the community of Rockwood-West Gresham. The Plan is a partnership among residents, property and business owners, and the City of Gresham.

    A citywide vote established the 1,211-acre Rockwood-West Gresham Urban Renewal Area in November 2003. 

    • 188th MAX Station artwork at night
    • Rockwood Public Safety Facility
    • Future Boys and Girls Club site under construction
    • Students at HB Lee Middle School
    • Attendees at the Open School East groundbreaking look over plans and celebrate progress.
    • Rockwood restaurant kitchen
    • A delicious meal served up from one of Rockwood's restaurant
    • Sunrise Center Commissary kitchen
    • The Wallace Medical Concern
    • PlazaDelSolHelicoperView

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    • Rockwood Sunrise public art the Rockwood 188th Avenue MAX station.

    • The Rockwood Public Safety Facility.

    • Open School construction site

    • HB Lee Middle School students.

    • Open School East groundbreaking.

    • Rockwood has exciting opportunities to open a restaurant space.

    • Rockwood's ethnic cuisine reflects its diversity.

    • Making pies at the Sunrise Center commissary kitchen.

    • Wallace Medical Concern.

    • Home for Rock the Block and other Rockwood events.