• Earth Day recyclables 

    A complete list of recyclable items is coming soon. 

  • Home goods and building supplies

    The new Gresham ReStore home improvement outlet, 610 NE 181st Ave, will be collecting home goods and building supplies.  Restore donation guidelines

    • Earth Day recycling and reuse event volunteer
    • Paper shredding at Earth Day recycling event
    • Plastic bag recycling at the Earth Day recycling event
    • A load of Styrofoam being unloaded at the City's Earth Day recycling event
    • Fluorescent tubes being recycled at Earth Day recycling event
    • Electronic items being recycled at Earth Day recycling event

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    • At this event, the City collects materials that are hard to recycle, and small, broken appliances and electronics are hard to find a home for. You can’t put them in your recycling roll cart, yet many contain precious metals that are great to recycle and don’t belong in the landfill.


    • The City partners with Gresham Sanitary’s Shred Northwest to offer free secure shredding service, for residents only, perfectly timed just after tax season. 


    • The City thanks the community for doing the right thing and recycling, reusing, and reducing waste, especially at the Earth Day event, by bringing in some of the common materials – like plastic sacks - we unfortunately cannot recycle at the curb.


    • Styrofoam is not recyclable in the regular recycling because it can clog the recycling equipment, and it’s not easy to recycle. Only special facilities can condense or recycle it, and in general it’s not a good material to have. If it does appear, you can save space in your garbage and keep it for Earth Day. Then it will be recycled into other plastic products or turned back into crude oil for other uses.


    • Fluorescent tubes contain mercury vapor that’s harmful to people and animals. Before the event, boxes for fluorescent tubes are available for free at the City Hall front desk to allow for safe transport. Do not bring fluorescent bulbs with broken glass unless they are safely boxed.

    • Keep up the recycling spirit all year. One way? Get year-round recycling tips and garbage service reminders with the City’s GoCart! tool for smartphone or computer. 

  • Contact us

    For more information about Earth Day or year-round recycling in Gresham, contact Cherie Ludwig at 503-618-2518 or Cherie.Ludwig@GreshamOregon.gov.