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We are here to help businesses meet requirements and make recycling easy. Our GREAT Business program provides free recycling assistance and tools, as well as recognition programs for exemplary businesses.

Business Recycling RequirementRecycleBox

A code ordinance passed in 2009 requires businesses to setup recycling systems for common recyclables. 

Businesses must:

  • Recycle paper, cardboard, plastic bottles and tubs, steel and aluminum cans, and glass.
  • Ensure there are containers for collection of these recyclables.
  • Post signs at collection areas, indicating what materials should be recycled.

Resources Available

General Information

There are different recycling and solid waste service level options and rates available to businesses.   


Businesses in Gresham can compost their food scraps, often saving money while creating nutrient rich compost and sustainable energy through our Plate to Power Program.

Garbage pick-up

The City is divided into zones, with one garbage hauler serving all businesses in each zone. Find my hauler.
To begin service, contact the garbage hauler that provides collection in your area.  Rates are uniform in all zones.


Reducing the amount of trash your business generates by recycling can save money.  Recycling is available through your hauler for common recyclables.  

Toner cartridges, wood, yard debris and large loads of scrap metal may be recycled at an additional charge. Contact your hauler or the City for more information.

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