A view of Mt. Saint HellensCity Attorney's Office

The City Attorney and staff are responsible for:

  • Providing legal advice and opinions to City Council, commissions, committees and task forces, city manager and city staff.
  • Representing and defending City Council, employees, commissions and committees in litigation for their official acts not covered by insurance, land use matters, administrative agencies, workers' compensation claims and other matters.
  • Initiation of legal actions as directed by City Council.
  • Preparation of or final approval over all ordinances, resolutions, orders and other documents requiring City Council approval.
  • Preparation or review of all city contracts and other legal documents to which the city is party.
  • Preparation and publishing of revisions to the Gresham Revised Code.
  • Providing legal advice and opinions to the Gresham Redevelopment Commission, which is responsible for urban renewal in the Rockwood-West Gresham area of the city.

The City Attorney's Office cannot provide legal advice to citizens, or represent them in any matter, whether it is civil or criminal.  Citizens must contact a private attorney for legal assistance.

Risk Management

Risk Management is part of the City Attorney's Office and is responsible for:

  • Liability management, loss control, safety issues and the self-insured Workers' Compensation Program.
  • Monitoring the costs of liability claims and workers' compensation claims, and maintaining a reserve against future claims.