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Safe Routes to School

    • Trail Blazing a walking path

      Walk + Roll events to school days are a great way to get people excited about Safe Routes.

    • Walking school bus

      Kids and parents can start a “walking school bus.”

    • Bike rodeo fun

      Our pop-up bike rodeo is a great tool for teaching bike handling skills.

    • Pedestrian education

      We offer pedestrian safety lessons to teach kids how to get there safely.

    • Roll to school

      Bike racks at school help make rolling to school safer, easier and fun.

  • Gresham's Safe Routes to School (SRTS) program partners with local schools to make walking and rolling to school fun and safe for all kids in Gresham. Let's get walking and rolling!

    Here's how we can help:

    • We work with teachers and parents to help plan and hold SRTS events at your school.
    • We provide lessons to educate students on how to safely walk and bike.
    • We support Walk and Roll to School days throughout the year.
    • We develop materials like flyers to promote more SRTS programs and activities.
    • We create action plans to help identify infrastructure improvements to apply for grant funding.

    Sound exciting to you?

    To learn more about how to support SRTS at your school, contact: