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Rockwood Rising Redevelopment

  • Rockwood Rising is creating opportunity and empowerment in the heart of this community.

    Coming soon to the neighborhood

  • Job training and entrepreneurship

    Get job training in manufacturing, construction, medical, technology and food service fields.

    Market Hall

    • Shop the new international grocery marketplace.
    • Discover a world of ethnic food options.
  • Mixed-use village

    Get access to a new health clinic, child care, community bank branch, and employment services.

    Community plaza

    Come play in the new public square with a water feature, playground, public art, festivals and events.

    • Project Background
    • Tenant Opportunities
    Project Background

    The Rockwood Rising Redevelopment Project has once central goal: Empowerment.

    The mission is to bring neighborhood revitalization without displacement, empowering residents to build prosperity for themselves and their families.

    Since 2014, project staff have been meeting with community members to engage the neighborhood on this project. 

    Transforming the catalyst site

    Rockwood Rising is the redevelopment of the catalyst site, the former Fred Meyer property at 18611 SE Stark St. The Gresham Redevelopment Commission (GRDC) purchased the property in 2005.

    Redeveloping this site is a major focus of GRDC efforts. RKm Development will redevelop the catalyst site.

    Learn more about this project.

    Tenant Opportunities

    Rockwood has the youngest median age, greatest diversity and highest concentration of immigrants of any town center in the metro area.

    Whether your business dream is to operate a weekend pop-up shop or open the doors to your brick and mortar store, we have a space for you.

    Read more about Rockwood Rising tenant opportunities and contact us about your business idea.

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    • Mt. Hood Community College's Small Business Development Center, a partner in the Rockwood Rising redevelopment project, is already on site at the Rockwood Community Office providing small business assistance specializing in innovation. 

    • Portland Opportunities Industrialization Center (POIC), a partner in the Rockwood Rising redevelopment project, is launching a food apprenticeship program for local students to learn marketable skills in the food manufacturing and culinary arts fields.