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Parks Reservations

  • Make a reservation 

    Seasonal reservations are available for picnic shelters, sports fields and special use events.

    • Picnic shelter reservations available May 1-Oct. 15
    • Sports field reservations available April 1-Oct. 31 

    Outside these timeframes, shelters and sports fields are available on a first-come, first-served basis (sports fields available for pick-up games only).

    • For online reservations, create an account to reserve or pay through the link above.
    • You may also reserve at Gresham City Hall, 1333 NW Eastman Parkway, or by calling 503-618-3000.

    See park rules for rules and safety information.

    Reservation types

    • Picnic Shelters
    • Sports Fields
    • Special Events
    Picnic Shelters
    • Main City Park and Red Sunset Park with a maximum capacity of 100 people per shelter. 
    • Hogan Butte Park and Nadaka Park with a maximum capacity of 50 people per shelter.


    2 to 100 people in group$30 per session$60 per session 


    • Session 1: 9:00 am - 2:30 pm
    • Session 2: 3:30 pm - 9:00 pm

    To reserve a shelter for the whole day, enter two separate reservations, one for each time block.

    For more information about picnic shelters, call 503-618-2300.

    Sports Fields

    View the sports field availability online while making a reservation, or call us at 503-618-2300.

    Park permit insurance

    Sports fields available for rental

    • Aspen Highland Park
    • Bella Vista Park
    • Butler Creek Park
    • Gradin Community Sports Park
    • Hall Park
    • Hollybrook Park
    • John Deere Field
    • Kirk Park
    • Main City Park
    • North Gresham Park
    • Pat Pfeifer Park
    • Red Sunset Park
    • Rockwood Central Park
    • Vance Park 
    Special Events

    • To reserve a park for a special event, an application must submitted to the City for approval at least 30 days before an event.
    • Larger, more complex events may need at least six months before the event.
    • Applications received less than 15 working days from the activity or event date may be denied due to inadequate time to evaluate and process the permit.
    • Any event, regardless of size, that desires to apply for an OLCC permit will be required to first acquire a special use permit from the City. 

    Note: This is not a picnic shelter reservation application. 

    For further information, please contact Erika Michaud at