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Parks and Recreation Community Advisory Group

  • The Gresham City Council wants diverse community involvement to help shape the future of Gresham’s parks and recreation.

    About the advisory group

    The City is currently developing a new Parks and Recreation Community Advisory Group.

    Community volunteers will work on Gresham’s parks and recreation needs over the coming months to:

    • Explore ways to pay for more parks and recreation services long-term.
    • Review community feedback and prioritize park projects for construction in the next few years.
    • Make recommendations for upcoming recreation program development.
    • Foster collaboration among diverse community interests.

    A facilitator skilled in diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) values will lead the group to ensure all community voices are heard.


    • Meetings will be held at least monthly, on a weekday evening. 
    • Expect 60- to 90-minute meetings on average. 
    • Meetings will take place online via Zoom.

    Council Coordinator Claire Griffing at 503-618-2871 or