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Holiday Recycling

  • Holiday garbage service schedule 

    Christmas and New Year's Day fall on a Wednesday.

    Regular pick-up day                 Holiday schedule 

    Monday ................................... Monday 
    Tuesday .................................. Tuesday   
    Wednesday ............................. Thursday     
    Thursday ................................. Friday     
    Friday ...................................... Saturday

  • Go green this holiday season 

  • Holiday Recycling

    For hard to recycle items, go to Metro's find a recycler


    • Paper gift bags with no foil, ribbons or plastic coating. 
    • Paper gift boxes with no foil or plastic. (remove duct tape)
    • Paper only gift cards (without foil, photos, plastic cards or musical cards with batteries)
    • Newspaper and cardboard
    • Plastic bottles / tubs
    • Metal cans

    Garbage only 

    • Bows and ribbons
    • Foil wrapping paper 
    • To-go containers and cups of any kind
    • Plastic packaging
    • Styrofoam, bubble wrap, packing peanuts  
    • Paper and plastic plates, cups and plastic forks
    Reduce Waste at Home

    From gift-giving to clean-up, use these tips to reduce waste at home and cut costs.

    • Use reusable dishes rather than disposable for large gatherings.
    • Reuse gift bags and boxes.
    • Wrap gifts in fabric, newspaper, old maps or comics.
    • Choose wrapping paper free of plastic or metal. 
    • Reduce holiday food waste by shopping with meals in mind. Use containers to freeze extra holiday food. Get more tips and take the challenge at
    • Choose LEDs to save energy and recycle your old holiday lights and other broken electronic items. Contact Metro at 503-234-3000 to find the nearest recycling center. 
    • Give an experience with tickets, zoo passes, or gift cards to your favorite local business.
    • Decorate with live plants, tree cuttings, pine cones etc. When done, place in your yard debris cart.
    • Use last year’s Christmas cards to make crafty ones this year.
    • Gift handmade items such as baked goods, canned or pickled food, craft items or photographs.
    • Carpool, bike or take transit to holiday events.
    • Bring your reusable bags for holiday shopping at local, big box and grocery stores. 

    For more holiday ideas, see Metro's Waste-wise holiday information

    Tree Recycling

    Place natural holiday greenery in your yard debris cart.

    Garbage only

    • Foil
    • Ribbons
    • Wire
    • Ornaments
    • Flocking or chemicals/paint

     Yard debris

    • Poinsettias and small plants without excess soil
    • Wreaths without any wire, ribbons, etc.
    • If you are not able to cut your tree, contact your hauler for options 

    Christmas Tree Recycling 

    Apartments and businesses: Call your hauler or Metro at 503-234-3000 for tree disposal options.

    Houses: Cut trees to fit inside the yard debris cart for no charge. The lid must close. No flocked trees, ornaments, tinsel, wires, etc.

    • Whole, natural trees less than 6-feet may be set at the curb for an extra $3.56 fee.
    • Trees over 6-feet tall must be cut into sections less than 6-feet in length. Each section at the curb is a $3.56 fee.
    • Set flocked trees, less than 6-feet, out for garbage for a $4.86 fee
    • If you are not able to cut your tree, contact your hauler for options.

    Tree recycling for apartments

    People living in multi-family residences should contact their property managers to arrange for tree collection services. 

    Apartments and businesses call your hauler or Metro at 503-234-3000 for free tree disposal options. 

    Support a local nonprofit fundraiser

    Call Metro at 503-234-3000 to find out who will be picking up trees in your neighborhood for a small fee.


    Metro’s Christmas tree recycling information 

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