Gradin Community Sports Park

  • 2303 SE Palmquist Road

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    The 32.3-acre Gradin Community Sports Park is located at 2303 SE Palmquist Road, just east of Hogan Road. The park site is beautiful with four sports fields and parking.

    Contact us for more information at 503-618-2300.


    • Two fenced and irrigated soccer fields
    • Two fenced and irrigated softball fields
    • Arboretum
    • Paved parking for 220 cars
    • Drinking fountains
    • Bike parking
    • Wheelchair accessibility
    • Restrooms

    The Gradin Community Sports Park Master Plan includes two additional soccer fields, two additional softball fields, a 35,000 square foot community building and maintenance facility, seven picnic shelters, three play structures, two half-court basketball courts, horseshoe courts, a skate park, two concession/restroom buildings, a one-mile perimeter path and 240 additional on-site parking spaces, which will be constructed when funding is secured.


    • Arboretum vista with dog walkers
    • Arboretum grand tree
    • Walker on path in arboretum
    • Arboretum layers of texture
    • Arboretum visitor
    • Arboretum butte through trees
    • Visitors to arboretum
    • Arboretum work party
    • Arboretum walking path
    • Arboretum red tree and fence
    • Arboretum fall color

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    • The Arboretum is a special place to enjoy the wide range of trees that thrive in the city. Visit the Arboretum at 2303 SE Palmquist Road at Gradin Community Sports Park.

    • The Arboretum is organized around four areas that make up fall, winter, spring and summer tree collections.

    • The street tree demonstration along Palmquist Road includes 25 of the best-known and newest street tree species. Interested in planting street trees in front of your house?

      City-approved street trees

    • Located on the north side of the park, this collection underscores how large conifers can be used as screening among pockets of deciduous trees and drought-tolerant native shrubs.

    • The idea for an arboretum was first suggested in 2009 at a public forum for the Urban Forestry Management Plan. GreenWorks developed the site plan with input from the public and the City's Urban Forestry Subcommittee

    • Still a labor of love, the Arboretum will one day include more than 400 trees of almost 300 varieties.

      Arboretum site plan

    • A perimeter buffer on the west side of the park repeats the theme of the four seasons and examples of native trees for parking lots and large canopy trees with tall frames for parking lots.

    • Many local groups, including the Rotary Club of Gresham and residents on the Urban Forestry Subcommittee, volunteer time and resources to Arboretum plantings and projects so it continues to grow. Development takes place as funding is available.

    • The Arboretum features a one-mile paved path to see the trees, located around the perimeter of Gradin Sports Park. 

    • Signature tree species are repeated throughout the Arboretum, including Flowering Dogwood (Cornus 'Eddie's White Wonder') and Hogan Cedars (Thuja plicata 'Hogan').

    • A sugar Maple shows off its fall foliage at the Arboretum.