Block Parties

  • Host a block party on your street, in your yard, a neighbor's yard, or in a City park. 

    For assistance with this process, contact Michael Gonzales at 503-618-2482 or

    Closing a street

    Close down your street and spread out.

    • A street closure permit is required to close a street or parking lot (allow 14 days for processing). 
    • You cannot close a major through-street or a street that is on a bus route. 
    • If you plan to close a street, you will need to pick up Type III barricades to be placed at both ends of the street.

    For information about closing a street, contact Cherie Ludwig at 503-618-2518 or

    Organizing tips

    • Street closure permits and picnic shelter reservations are free for National Night Out in August.
    • If your block has been organized into a Neighborhood Ready, this is a great time to update your block map and phone tree. A block party is also a great opportunity to start a Neighborhood Watch (Neighborhood Ready) with your neighbors. 
    • Recruit neighbors to help organize the party.
    • Poll your block and decide on a date and time for the party.
    • Go door-to-door and encourage participating neighbors to bring something to the party. 

    ClearStream recycling containers available

    The City can loan ClearStream® recycling containers for collecting plastic bottles and aluminum cans at your event (available on a first come, first serve basis).

    • These containers come with a clear bag so your event staff and volunteers can easily see the contents when bags are full, and assure they are being used properly.
    • The City can also assist in appropriate container set-up and locate recycling drop off centers. 

    For more information, contact 503-618-2518 or