Sustainable Gresham

Saving green in a non-profit

Jeremy Wilebski at the SnowCap Community GardenMaking every dollar count is important at SnowCap Community Charities, where helping with open hearts and open hands is the mission. That is why reducing operating expenses, and incorporating sustainable practices has been so natural.

Jeremy Wilebski, the warehouse manager, leads several of these initiatives.

  • The site now sends inedible food donations to a local farmer to feed animals.
  • An extensive community garden now teaches members how to grow food, while also providing for the pantry.  
  • Staff recently rejuvenated a neighboring open lot, taking what was once an area for drug dealing and camping and turning it into a natural park for kids and local families.  
  • A weather sensitive irrigation system controls how much water plants receive, according to their needs at that specific moment.

The GREAT Business program proudly recognizes this work with one of its awards.

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Internal Sustainability Plan 

City staff and volunteers collect huge volumes of recyclable materials at the annual Earth Day recycling event. 




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ColorCentric recycles used 33 mm film cases, typically more than 7,500 pounds a month.