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GreshamView allows to look up property information for parcels in Gresham.

  • Look up your garbage hauler, neighborhood association or zoning.
  • Find planning projects, building permits or businesses; view aerial photos.
  • Query by site address, business name or county or state property ID.
  • Information about the parcels include size, building square footage, year built, building and land real market valuation.
  • Adobe Flash Player (free) is required for GreshamView.


GIS Apps

GMappPI100  GISAppParcelIdentifierParcel Identifier

The Parcel Identifier map shows the property information as well as permit information.

Gresham Control Points  Gresham ControlPointsGresham Control Points

The Gresham Control Points map displays the main control point locations and their information spatially.

Neighborhood Finder  Neighborhood FinderNeighborhood Finder

The Neighborhood Finder map indicates which neighborhood district you are in and displays its boundary.

Hauler/Sweeper Finder  Hauler/Sweeper FinderHauler/Sweeper Finder

The Hauler/Sweeper Finder map shows hauler information and pick-up day of the week and the monthly street-sweeping schedule based on your address.

GMappSI100  GISAppSnowIceRoutesSnow and Ice Routes

The Snow and Ice Routes map displays preventative anti-ice areas and plow routes.



Crime Reports Map allows you to review calls for police services available online on the map, updated daily.

Parks Map

Our searchable parks map shows the location of parks in Gresham, including available amenities. 

Floodplain Map

Review preliminary flood maps for the Sandy River Watershed and Gresham Physical Map Revision (PMR) from the state (Oregon Department of Land Conservation and Development). For more information, please visit the Environmental Overlay Code and Map Update page. You can also check if your property is in the flood plain area in the address look-up tool.

PDF Maps

GIS Links

GIS Links provides additional GIS Resources links, such as Metro and Multnomah County GIS.

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