WaterGabbert Reservoir Final

The Water Division provides its customers with a reliable supply of high quality drinking water, now and in the future, at an affordable rate. 


Water Division Services

  • Provides a safe source for drinking 
  • Maintains an ample supply for fire protection purposes 
  • Monitors water quality consistent with state and federal regulations 
  • Educates our citizens on being good water use stewards 



Water Qualitydrinking water


Water ConservationSprinkler  


Well Field Protection Program

Well FieldHazardous materials that seep into the ground can contaminate Gresham's drinking water. You can help protect Gresham's groundwater.




Private Water Line Insurance 

 Leaky FaucetConsidering water line protection services? Read this first:

  • Customers are responsible for water line breaks and repairs on their side of meter.
  • Mailings offering insurance for private water line repairs are not affiliated with the City, nor does the City endorse this type of service.
  • Contact your homeowners insurance provider to find out whether water lines are covered under your existing policy.